Donald Trump’s stooge Thom Tillis is in trouble

One of the states most critical to the Senate race this year has been North Carolina, already a major swing state that Joe Biden has been targeting in his campaign. The state went blue last in 2008, and if Biden wins, it’ll make Donald Trump’s path back to the White House significantly more difficult. He’s currently trailing Biden by anywhere between 1-4 points as per the latest polling averages. Cal Cunningham, the Democratic candidate for Senate, is performing about the same, with a slight lead over the incumbent, Thom Tillis.

Tillis spent the last four years putting Trump’s interests ahead of the well-being of his state. Even before the pandemic hit, he put soldiers in Fort Bragg at risk deciding to use funds intended for the fort to pay for Trump’s racist border wall. Tillis thought he caught something of a break when Cunningham admitted on October 5 to having an extramarital affair, and Tillis has been mentioning it in negative campaign ads ever since.

Unfortunately for Tillis, almost two weeks later, the race’s numbers remain steady, with Cunningham even showing a slight advantage that he didn’t have several weeks ago in a Monmouth University poll. State GOP officials argue that the full impact of the scandal hasn’t been felt yet, and that may be true, but it would be somewhat risky on Tillis’ part to steer the campaign in this direction, going after his opponent for a consensual affair that his opponent has already admitted to and apologized for, rather than discussing his own plans for healthcare or how he’ll improve the lives of his constituents.

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