This Hunter Biden thing AGAIN?

– Based on the timing and the circumstances, it appears the Trump regime is going out of its way to create phony scandals for everyone from Eric Swalwell to Hunter Biden on its way out the door. This isn’t just petty, it’s stupid. It’ll make it so much easier for the DOJ to justify launching real criminal investigations into Trump’s kids and corrupt Republicans once Trump is out the door.

– No, Republican Senator Thom Tillis isn’t going to be able to send people to prison for using a copyrighted song in a live stream, or whatever it is he’s trying to send people to prison for. He tried to quietly slip it into the bill, and he got caught, which means he’s failed. But wow is he ever a jackass for trying.

– Bishop Talbert Swan pointed out tonight that all of the republican Attorneys General who signed onto the phony Trump election lawsuit are white. That’s not surprising. It’s not a coincidence how often corruption and racism go hand in hand.

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