This whacked out Donald Trump “campaign” video is just sad


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It’s a dangerous thing when narcissism and virtual reality come together. The result can often be chaos. And that’s sort of what happened to Traitor Trump just this week. Trump is unhappily ensconced in his own virtual reality pad, an uncool little place called Truth Social.

It’s not reality, but for Trump, it is. The reason for that is because it really is the only place these days he can go for any adulation whatsoever. Seriously — where else would he go? Who is prepared to worship and adore him?

Well, Forrest Gump is. So are the characters of the Kill Bill films and the Gremlins. All of these beings gathered together to worship and pay homage to his royal traitor. Of course, they didn’t, really. But our traitor is so far gone he may just believe they did.

Trump’s in his own virtual reality where movie characters are who he wants them to be, and the truth lies somewhere far away. You see, what Trump did — or someone closer to him did — was edit together a video. In said video, there are featured movie clips and scenes.

And in these scenes, there are featured movie characters — the ones I referenced above plus more. And in this video, they all watch Trump, admiration dripping from them as he lies, yells, and boasts.

Virtual reality can be a comfort; one supposes — especially if one is a malevolent traitor who has little else to do with his time. And it does not help that Lee Greenwood’s “God bless the USA” is playing in the background as Uma Thurman, Tom Hanks, and many others are edited to look as though they — gasp — actually LIKE Mr. Trump.


I saw the video. It was nauseating. But you know what I thought? How sad. This man is paying homage to himself because nobody else will. What a lonely, sad, bitter piece of crap Trump is. And locked in his virtual reality, he still only thinks of himself — and the imaginary cheers that non-existent people give him.


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