This should have Donald Trump quaking in his boots

Since he was booted from office, Donald Trump has largely remained out of the public eye, instead releasing periodic nonsensical statements and surfacing in occasional photos that depict him as physically falling to pieces. The only relevant chapter left when it comes to Trump is the legal dismantling of his life. What happened today should have him quaking in his boots.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was forced to appear in court today, as part of the criminal indictment against him for corruption. That’s right, it’s a reminder that in functioning democracies, corrupt political leaders do in fact end up getting indicted. Unless you’re in a fully corrupt dump like Russia, no one magically gets away with anything. And with Joe Biden now being President, the United States is certainly not Russia.

Here’s the thing. It’s difficult to predict whether Netanyahu will actually end up in prison, and for one reason: he may end up trading away his current office, and agreeing to remain out of politics forever, in exchange for leniency. But Donald Trump, who has already been booted from office, has nothing to trade in exchange for leniency. It’s why Trump is on track for prison. Whether the Feds bring a case or not, Trump is going down on state charges in New York.

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