This Senate race is already going south for Donald Trump and Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker has not been in the race long, and he is already in trouble. No, not because Senator Warnock is outpacing him in donations but because he has publicly defied his mentor and “friend,” Donald Trump. Trump is no one’s friend, but we are about to see just how true that is. Since leaving office, the only thing on Trump’s mind is his imaginary “stolen election.” He cajoled Walker until he entered the Senate race in Georgia (though he lives in Texas), and Walker finally decided to take him up on it. The only thing that might help Walker in Georgia is his football history with the University of Georgia. Otherwise, no one is interested in him. He is a pathetic excuse for a candidate.

Yahoo Sports asked Walker if he supports Trump’s belief that if his false claims of election fraud are not fully investigated, Republicans should stay home. Walker responded: “That is not the right message.” That sounds good, but you best believe Walker is not going to outright refute Trump’s claims. Instead, he parrots other Republicans’ talking points of “we need to look to the future and forget the past.” Can you say “copout?” None of them have the balls to just stand up and say that Trump is wrong. He claimed in a recent email that “we (whoever “we” are) have thoroughly and conclusively documented” fraud in the 2020 election. If that is true, why have so many states conducted audits and recounts only to come to the same conclusion that Trump lost? What and where is this “documented” proof other than in Trump’s otherwise empty head? So, how will Trump respond to Walker’s copout? Time may tell, but for now, he can only brag about Walker.

Somehow, because Walker was a good football player, Trump has turned that into his notion that Walker will make “an even better U.S. Senator.” He even bragged on Walker’s fundraising efforts, which lag far behind Warnock’s $9.5 million. More importantly, Warnock’s average donation is $37, which indicates that his is more of a grassroots effort that continues to propel him forward. Walker, on the other hand, has high-dollar donors, fewer of whom have donated lots of money. If that can be considered a voting indicator, then common sense says that Warnock must have more supporters (145,000 to 50,000 according to Capitol Beat). Yahoo reported that Warnock continues to lead all Republican challengers, both those in the race and those who may enter. His lead over Walker is smaller, but it is nonetheless a lead. If Warnock continues to do well by Georgia voters, they will stand by him.


Now, we sit back and wait to see if fireworks erupt between Walker and Trump. Trump will certainly think Walker ungrateful after he has endorsed him. Trump does not care about Herschel Walker, Georgia, or anything else or he would have stood by Perdue and Loeffler and helped them win back their seats. He has shown time and again that his one-track mind focuses only on himself.

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