This number should scare the hell out of Donald Trump

Over the past few days, we’ve seen what largely amounted to some statistical noise in the presidential polls, with Joe Biden’s lead over Donald Trump largely staying the same as it’s been throughout the election season. If there was any post-convention bump given to the Republicans after their dumpster fire of a convention, it’s already rapidly evaporating. Although we’re seeing polls look a bit more favorable to Joe Biden than they were about a week ago, there’s one interesting detail from the latest Quinnipiac University poll that stands out. It’s a poll that has Trump trailing Biden by 10 points.

While Palmer Report generally urges readers to never take any one single poll too seriously, especially one concerning a presidential election, and instead look at the polling averages and how consistent they are, there’s a question the Quinnipiac poll asks its participants that we don’t see in all the others: Do you feel more or less safe with Donald Trump as president? 50% of likely voters said they felt less safe – and 42% said that they’d feel safer with Joe Biden as president.

It will be interesting to see if other polls show a similar trend – but what’s noteworthy here is that half of likely voters see right through what Donald Trump is trying to make the signature issue of his campaign, and nearly half are nostalgic for the stability of the Obama administration. Trump’s promise of “I alone can fix it,” is ringing especially hollow, and voters are seeing him for the divisive liar that he is. Let’s bring Joe Biden’s numbers up even further with phone calls and letters to voters – making the case for why we need to vote for him by November 3.

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