This new Republican “three witches” strategy isn’t going to work

Despite election tactics that have resulted in them losing the House, Senate and White House in just a span of two years (and didn’t really do them much favors in 2016 for that matter), the GOP is doubling down on crazy – particularly in crucial states they need to win. If anything, it looks as though they’re giving up on democracy altogether, if the Republican Party of Michigan is to be any kind of example.

It’s despicable enough to see raving, angry voters making outlandish comments on video – even if the media is playing up some narrative about them being the actual victims, but in this case, it’s the state’s Republican Party Chairman Ron Weiser who called on his party to beat the “three witches” in 2022 – those being Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, taking the misogynistic language to new heights, as he said the right candidates could effectively “burn them at the stake.”

Despite calls for his resignation, Weiser defended himself without apologizing – even though he’s fully aware that Governor Whitmer was targeted in an assassination attempt last year. He claimed anyone who knew him knew he wasn’t actually calling for violence – but this is just the latest in a string of Republicans behaving in a reckless manner because they need to stoop to threats if they want even a modicum of power. It may no longer be Donald Trump’s party, but he’s left a mark that will be hard to remove. The only sure way to do it is to come out in droves like we did in 2018 and keep people like Weiser from ever working in politics again.

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