This Mike Pompeo thing is completely out of control

As Mike Pompeo’s Inspector General scandal continues to get uglier for him, we keep hearing rumblings in the mainstream media that this might all somehow be part of a plan by Pompeo to… run for President in four years? Wait, that can’t be right. And yet we keep hearing this hallucinatory nonsense repeated as if it weren’t hallucinatory nonsense

If Donald Trump loses, then Mike Pompeo will obviously go to prison for the crimes he committed in the Ukraine extortion scandal. Even if Trump pardons Pompeo on his way out the door, being pardoned for felonies isn’t exactly something that works on a presidential resume.

We’ve already been through this nonsense once before. Back when it was becoming clear during the Ukraine scandal that Mike Pompeo was going to end up in prison, large chunks of the media began indulging in the delusion that Pompeo was somehow going to run for U.S. Senate in 2020 instead. Sure. As if the GOP was going to allow itself to get stuck with a Republican nominee for Senate whose entire campaign would be dogged by the Ukraine scandal, and who was likely to get sent to prison after the election even if he did win. Sure enough, after Palmer Report pointed out that there was literally zero chance Pompeo would run for Senate, he ended up publicly admitting he wasn’t running.

These seemingly drug-induced delusions are so far beyond the pale, you have to figure they’re coming directly from Mike Pompeo himself. He appears to believe that by feeding the media these leaks about him running for Senate or President or whatever the story is this time, it’ll combat the narrative that he’s a busted criminal who’s earmarked for prison. Or maybe Pompeo’s brain is just so broken, he really does think he still has a future outside of a prison yard. In any case, the media needs to stop indulging this nonsense, because it’s out of control.

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