This just keeps getting uglier for Mike Lindell


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The bad news does not seem to stop for My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell. It seems incredible that this guy is still in the news. But in the news, he is — most likely because he cannot seem to stop screwing up. So Mikey was hoping to join in with the Ottawa Freedom protesters. And it was not him alone. Mikey had company.

Around 10,000 travelers tagged along with him. These travelers were not human beings — they were pillows — pillows Mike was bringing to the truckers. How very generous of him.

Only something went wrong. Something went very wrong at the border to Windsor, Ontario. Mikey and his 10,000 fluffy fellow travelers were denied entry. The reason Lindell and his family of pillows were turned away is that he hadn’t abided by Covid rules.

Canadian law says that anyone seeking entry must provide a negative Covid test as well as proof of at least two Covid vaccinations. Lindell was turned away. And he was furious. However, all this hoopla did not stop Lindell from coming up with a new plan. And it appears Mikey likes it! He seems very pleased with this plan.

Mikey now wants to drop pillows from the sky into the waiting arms of truckers. He reportedly wants to drop them by way of a helicopter. The snuggly pillows will be wearing “little parachutes” to make sure they’re dropped safely. You can’t make this shit up.

I must say I worry a lot about our country, but the safety of pillows has never been up there as one of my more pressing concerns. Per the Daily Beast, Lindell also says he can’t pinpoint where the pillows and their guardian parachutes will be dropped from because there could be danger involved.

Reportedly Lindell insisted that the Daily Beast include the part about the parachutes “or it could be dangerous.” No, this is not a movie. This really happened. It’s just Mike Lindell again doing what he does best — indulging in utterly bizarre behavior. I do hope very much that the pillows are OK.


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