This just isn’t Ted Cruz’s week

It just isn’t Ted Cruz’s week. On the contrary, it would appear this week has been a tidal wave of misery for the Texas ignoramus. The trouble started when Cruz did what Cruz NEVER EVER does — he told the truth. On Wednesday, Cruz described the January 6 insurrection as a “violent terrorist attack” — which it was.

Only some of the shrieking human germs Cruz calls his friends didn’t like hearing that. They didn’t like it at all. Faster than one could say, “I’m really screwed,” the toxic germs buried Cuz in their sickly infections. “Traitor,” shrieked Maga. “I will never ever vote for Cruz if he runs for President,” said nearly every Maga I saw on Twitter.

But it did not stop at Twitter. The king germ, Tucker Carlson, saw the need to get involved. Of course, he did. Carlson mocked Cruz mercilessly on his show. It seemed the whole world had turned against the Texan, leaving him only with dreams of palm trees and mariachi music. Cancun, after all, was still his friend.

Only Cruz, being Cruz, couldn’t just leave it alone. So he started tweeting about impeaching Biden and how the Democrats are taking advantage of the word “insurrection.” But nothing quashed the angry wailings of the traitors.

I am pleased about all this. I don’t give a damn that Cruz told the truth for once. He’s an idiot. And he doesn’t care enough about his wife to defend her from Trump. AND he blamed his cozy little vaca on his children.


The man is indeed odious. And I must admit it is fun to see his thinly veiled desperation as he tries so very hard to get back in the good graces of American terrorists.

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