This isn’t the kind of October surprise Donald Trump was looking for

Donald Trump has done everything he can to whip up an October surprise that might help him coast to re-election, but try as he might, he just can’t seem to keep the election from being a referendum on his own criminal administration, his catastrophic policies, and his own incompetence. In fact, his desperate attempts to find something that sticks has only managed to underscore the incompetence factor, since he’s lashing out at his own administration for not doing enough to help him win. It’s even worse that there’s been a non-stop avalanche of embarrassing information about Trump’s own scandals dropping since he talked Rudy into running with this half-baked scheme.

Now an audio clip from 2015 has resurfaced that’s especially problematic for Donald Trump – and it doesn’t even involve him directly. Just before the 2016 election got off the ground, Kayleigh McEnany, current press secretary and Trump’s official PR voice, gave an interview on AM radio where she revealed exactly why Donald Trump feared having to run against Joe Biden. Before Biden ruled out a 2016 run and before Trump was the nominee, McEnany opined: “I think the Republicans run into a problem if is Joe Biden and if it is maybe a Trump on the other side, because Joe Biden, one of the things he is remarkable at is really kind of being a man of the people and resonating with middle class voters…His gaffes — as much as we make fun of them — to a certain extent they make him look human.”

Although she’s known for lying pathologically on her boss’ behalf, McEnany told the truth at the time – and preemptively gave away the game plan that the Trump administration has been running with through 2020: make Joe Biden unlikable. It would be pretty hard to do, even if he weren’t running against Donald Trump, something she also admits to in the interview. It’s hard to say if Trump knows of this clip’s existence or not, but now his game plan has been given away – in case it wasn’t obvious already, and its resurfacing is likely to only add to increasing tensions in an already volatile White House.

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