This is turning into pandemonium

There is less reason than ever to believe that Donald Trump will win the election. He’s running out of time. He’s running out of last ditch schemes. He’s also running out of marbles. But Trump’s deteriorating behavior means there’s more reason than ever that we must vote Trump out of office.

In the past twenty-four hours alone, Donald Trump has publicly confessed to a campaign quid pro quo with Exxon, which Exxon now insists never happened. He’s called a reporter a “criminal” for refusing to report on his latest phony conspiracy theory. He’s condemned the Attorney General for not arresting his adversaries. He’s called Dr. Fauci an “idiot” and mocked him for how he throws a baseball. And that’s just the short list.

This man is blatantly unraveling in front of our eyes. We can talk about whether it’s the stress, or if he’s on drugs, or what. But the bottom line is that his behavior is shifting further away from rational by the hour. If he took off his clothes and went naked crowd surfing at his next rally, you’d only be half surprised.

Now that the Supreme Court and the debate commission have both just ruled against Donald Trump on major election-related matters, you have to wonder if this bad news will only further accelerate his spiraling. This is turning into pandemonium – and all we can do is drive voter turnout in historic numbers to make sure the madness ends soon.

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