This is turning into Donald Trump Jr.’s worst nightmare

ProPublica, a nonprofit investigative journalist site, may be onto something. They have evidence that indicates that Trump allies were involved in financing and organizing the rally that precipitated the insurrection. If what they have is factual, the House Select Committee may not need the National Archives records as urgently as they thought. While they wait, they can work from the evidence compiled by ProPublica.

ProPublica obtained text messages from Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend and fundraiser for Trump Sr. According to ProPublica, Guilfoyle “boasted” to Katrina Pierson that she had raised $3 million for the “Save America” rally that preceded the breach of the Capitol by Trump supporters. Pierson, who served as liaison for that event, worked in the White House. Now, if Pierson knew about and was involved in all of this, how could Trump not be involved? These are his people, and surely, they were not doing any of this without his knowledge. More telling, this strongly indicates that Trump’s closest people were involved in financing the event that led to the insurrection. While Guilfoyle has not yet been subpoenaed by Congress, Pierson has been. ProPublica reached out to her, and she, of course, declined to comment. One of the more interesting text messages from Guilfoyle was her whining that she might not be allowed to speak, after she “had raised so much money for this.” She even pointed the finger at Julie Jenkins Fancelli, a Publix heir, from whom she received a rather large donation.

Congress needs to subpoena Guilfoyle. The people they have subpoenaed are now denying their involvement in fundraising, especially Caroline Wren, who was Guilfoyle’s deputy but who now denies she had anything to do with fundraising. The deputy to the chief fundraiser is not involved in fundraising. Sure. Deny, deny, deny. That is what Trump’s people do best—well, other than lying. They do that quite well also, but the two go together. The funniest statements come from their lawyers. Wren’s lawyer denies that Guilfoyle was even involved, but her braggadocious text messages suggest otherwise. He went on to say that both Guilfoyle and Wren were merely attendees at “a peaceful rally with hundreds of thousands of Americans who were in DC to lawfully exercise their first amendment rights, a primary pillar of American democracy.” No one involved with Trump knows one damned thing about democracy. In fact, they do their best to subvert democracy.

Guilfoyle is well known as a fundraiser for all things Trump. She was appointed national chair of the Trump Victory finance committee. She maintains that position, as she now heads up fundraising for Trump’s super PAC “Make America Great Again, Again!” What a stupid name but consider the source. Trump made absolutely nothing great about America, and if given the chance, he will continue to destroy it. The House Select Committee’s investigation could be the key to stopping that from happening. If they take a long, hard look at these players, they may just get to the root of things, including the financing of events that led to the assault on our Capitol.

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