This is too easy

When the Republican Party bet everything on the premise that Trump would get reelected, and then he lost, we knew the party would find itself behind the eight ball. The question was whether the GOP would be able to find its way to new solid footing, and how long it would be stuck in the weeds before that might happen.

Now it turns out the Republican Party is employing the dumbest strategy possible. Instead of realigning its positions on the issues to something more mainstream, or realigning its messaging to pretend it was going mainstream, the party has decided to double down on the antics that got it into this mess.

First the Republican Party decided to try to make it harder for non-republicans to vote. This was only going to work if no one cared or no one noticed. But of course people noticed. The backlash came fast and furious, to the point that corporate America reluctantly got on board, for fear of being on the wrong side of the backlash.

Then, when the Republicans found themselves in the unwinnable position of being entirely at odds with corporate America, they didn’t change course. Instead the Republicans decided to begin picking the ugliest fight possible with corporate America. Republican members of Congress are now urging boycotts of Coca-Cola. Republican Governors are boycotting Major League Baseball. And Republican legislatures are trying to financially punish corporations for speaking up against voter suppression.

That’s right, the Republicans – the “Corporate America Party” – have decided to go to war against Corporate America. This is a party that’s largely funded by corporations and corporate bosses, yet now it’s doing everything it can to alienate corporations and corporate bosses. Moreover, the Republicans are now demanding that their voters give up on longtime American icons ranging from Coke to baseball.

What kind of wacko doomsday cult is this? The kind whose followers are extremely fervent, but who aren’t large enough in number to be in control of anything. The Republican Party is now actively driving away everyone in the middle, not just with its extremist policies, but with its increasingly alienating messaging.

The Republicans are making this too easy. We’re coming up on a midterm election after a non-incumbent Democrat was elected President, which means the Republicans are supposed to be in position to make gains in the House and Senate. But with the way the Republicans are self destructing, the door is now wide open for the Democrats to retain control in both the House and Senate. It’ll take a ton of work, but it’s more doable than ever. It took a ton of work in 2020 to take down Trump and drive McConnell out of power as well, but we made that happen. We can make it happen again.

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