This is the part we’ve waited for

The wheels of justice turn too slowly on a good day, and during long stretches of the Trump regime, they didn’t turn at all. But the minute Trump was declared the loser of the election, it was inevitable that he and his criminal associates would all go down.

For those who have been paying proper attention, it’s now clear that the takedown of Trump and his goons is already underway. Rudy Giuliani’s home has been raided, which means it’s a given that he’ll be arrested. And given that there’s a dirty money trail at the heart of his crime spree, his conviction is nearly a given. The only question is whether he’s coherent enough to realize it and cut a plea deal against the rest of Team Trump.

The Matt Gaetz storyline has gone comparatively quiet since Joel Greenberg signaled his intent to cut a formal plea deal against Gaetz, but we predicted as much. These kinds of high profile cases tend to go quiet in the media while the Feds complete the deal and use the information accordingly. Gaetz is hosed, and even he seems to know it.

But really, this is just the start. You can draw a fairly straight line from Rudy Giuliani to Donald Trump, Bill Barr, and several others in the Trump orbit. This time, Trump isn’t in control of the DOJ. He’s not in position to kill the criminal cases against himself and his pals. The Trump era created the distorted perception that powerful people simply never go down for their crimes, even when the Feds are onto them. But now that we’re back in the regular world, nothing works that way. They’ll all go down.

Now is not a time to be frustrated at the legal system for not being an instant magic wand. Now is not the time to yell defeatist nonsense like “Trump will get away with it all no matter what” or “I’ll believe it when I see it.” That kind of talk contributes nothing, and isn’t based on facts or reality anyway.

Instead, this is a time to be pleased at what we’re now seeing play out. The wheels of justice finally are turning, and they’re in the process of grinding Trump and his people to a pulp. Trump is already going down for financial crimes in New York. The only two questions are whether the Feds also take him down, and how many of his people go down with him. Tick tock. This is what we’ve waited for. It’s a long process, still ongoing. But it’s now clear that it’s fully underway. Enjoy.

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