This is strange

Over the past few days the New York Times has posted a couple of really stupid stories about President Joe Biden – one about his treadmill, and the other a particularly stupid story about his wristwatch. This isn’t surprising; the NYT is as good at exposing corrupt politicians as it is bad at trying to invent phony scandals about honest politicians. But here’s the odd part.

We checked Joe Biden’s personal Twitter account @JoeBiden and strangely, he hasn’t had a meltdown about the New York Times. Not one word about watch-gate. We checked his @POTUS account, and nothing there either. We checked the @WhiteHouse account and all it has is a video of Dr. Fauci telling everyone to wear a mask.


The fact that it feels strange for the President of the United States not to have a total meltdown about a dumb newspaper article, is an indictor of just how bizarre the previous four years have been. Until T***p we’d never had a President who was derangedly insecure enough to have a late night meltdown over every perceived slight. Now we’re back to having a non-deranged President. Let’s make sure we never have a deranged President again.

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