This is just ugly for Matt Gaetz

Humor is so important. And goodness, one can never get enough humor. So it stands to reason, this particular story which is indeed rather funny should be about — wait for it -– Matt Gaetz.

Before I get into the weeds on the Floridian Congressman’s week from hell, I have to say that I don’t like the rumors I am seeing from some people on Twitter. These people are speculating that Gaetz has not yet been charged because AG Garland has been bribed. You read that correctly.

I do not believe most Palmer Report readers believe that guff. But the fact remains people are getting impatient. I am not one of them. Because I saw what happened with Bill Cosby, I saw what happened with Michael Avenatti. I’d rather have a long and air-tight investigation than a short and sloppy one.

So on to Gaetz. It’s been a horrible few weeks for Matt Hates. Let’s start with the report from Business Insider. According to this report, friends of Gaetz are getting squeamish about texting him. The reason for this squeamishness is because they suspect the FBI may be reading their texts. This may very well be true, but the paranoia instilled in some of the pompadoured Gaetz’s friends has reached new heights, with some openly speculating about how cautious they must now be when texting the Venmo fan.

As bad as this news is, there is something worse. This involves the popularity of Gaetz, which appears, unlike his hair, to be plunging downward.

Last week, Gaetz hosted a fundraiser for two MAGA congressional candidates. It was supposed to be a lavish affair and was set to take place at the Presidential Suite at Trump Doral.

Oh, happy fundraising day! And how excited Gaetz must have been. At the last minute, the fundraiser’s location was moved. It was moved to the clubhouse lobby.


Why was that? Because Gaetz overestimated the number of guests who would show up. No doubt, he was hoping to impress his master, the orange buffoon. This fundraiser was attended by — 5-7 individuals. Perhaps the guests worried the FBI was watching the fundraising event as well. So, yes, it has been a lousy week or two for Gaetz. I’ve no doubt it will get lousier when he is inevitably indicted.

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