This is just monstrous for Fox News stooge Laura Ingraham

Books can be a tremendous source of knowledge. Be they fiction or non-fiction, the right book can change us in many different ways. One book that had such an effect on me is The Handmaid’s Tale. That book told of a different world, an odious world, where women were objectified to nothing more than chattel. It is a horrific book and remains an incredible piece of literature. But perhaps the world it described was not so “different.”

After all, it is happening now for the women in Texas. And the book “1984” is also becoming its own reality, aided by the ruthless pundits at Fox death-news. One of them is Laura Ingraham. Ingraham is a monster. Hear me on this: she is not merely a slightly lousy individual. She is a walking and (sometimes) talking monster.

Just ask her brother — Curtis. He himself has referred to Laura as a monster, and this week, he also declared she is “bonkers.”

The reason Curtis Ingraham did so is that Laura is blaming the pandemic on President Biden. This is quite odd as she has often refused even to acknowledge just how dangerous the pandemic is. Consistent, she is not.

Ingraham insisted on her show this week that Biden has “restricted” access to the COVID vaccine. This appears to be nothing more than Lazy Laura trying to gin up ratings. It also has no basis in any reality at all, as Ingraham likely knows.

I am not going to repeat what she said. I just cannot. I also want very much to respond to some who say Palmer Report should not write about Laura or Tucker.

I respect your opinions but vehemently disagree. The fact is we must. First off, when horrible things are said, such as Tucker’s endorsement of the great replacement theory, it is imperative we warn people. But there is another reason, and that is to put pressure on the advertisers of Fox death-news.

Perhaps these garbage shows will never be canceled. I believe they should be. I believe EVERYBODY needs to know that Fox is not even labeled as news — it is labeled as entertainment. Many do not know this. Hey — if our articles can stop even one person from ingesting this vicious word-poison, that will have made it worth it.


And so, we must continue to lean on the Fox advertisers. We must also continue to warn folks about Ingraham, who may not get all the attention Tucker does but is every bit as terrible as her pundit in slime, Carlson. And special thanks to Curtis Ingraham for showing us, at least, unlike his wretched sister, he does indeed have some common sense.

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