This is just horrifying from the Ohio GOP


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Do you ever long for the good old days? I know I do. Those were the days when we had two political parties that worked. Women didn’t have to worry that their rights were constantly under attack. And we didn’t have school shootings.

It seems incredible to contemplate now, doesn’t it? But there was an idyllic time when children did not get shot going to school. Those days are long over. And the Democrats and Republicans have made a bipartisan deal which is great. But we need to do so much more.

One thing we do NOT need to do is lose anybody else. Not just students but teachers. I fear the weight that teachers will soon be forced to carry. You see, more and more Republicans are looking toward teachers to save the children.

For example, in the state of Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine is signing a bill making it legal for teachers to pack heat — after just a day of training. One day. Think about that. We have skilled Police Officers who have YEARS of training who make mistakes.

How in hell can teachers be expected to become gun experts after one day? It’s insane. Not only that, but studies have shown most teachers do not WANT to carry. This is not what they went to school for.

Teachers went to school to educate, to give knowledge to the children — not to descend into fights with maniacs carrying killing machines.

Nan Whaley, the former mayor of Dayton, said this: “Teachers will need 180 hours to review their teaching license so they can teach your kids, but only up to 24 hours of training to carry a gun around with them.”

I do not like to see teachers made into sacrificial lambs, yet I fear that is exactly what’s happening. And I fully expect other states to enact similar measures. We need to fight back and help our teachers. Let your representative know you’re against this idea. Teachers should be there to teach – not to kill or be killed.


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