Oh come on, Donald Trump, this is just gross

On Thursday night, it was reported that Donald Trump’s longtime White House personal assistant Madeleine Westerhout abruptly “resigned” and was reportedly banned from the building, for having shared details about the Trump family with reporters in an off-the-record capacity. At the time, Palmer Report predicted that whatever those details might be, the whole thing was going to be ugly. Even we didn’t imagine it would be this ugly.

It turns out Westerhout was fired for telling reporters that she has a closer relationship with Donald Trump than he has with either of his daughters, and that Donald Trump doesn’t like having his picture taken with his daughter Tiffany Trump because he thinks she’s fat. This isn’t mere hearsay; this actually happened, and was documented by Politico. We’re not even sure where to start with this one.

Westerhout deserved to lose her job for sharing these kinds of ugly details about her boss with reporters, even off the record, because things that are said “off the record” don’t always stay that way (as evidenced by the fact that this story ended up leaking). But Donald Trump has declined to fire White House advisers for all kinds of more egregious things, including committing felonies. As per usual, Trump only took action here because personal loyalty was involved, which is all he cares about.

More to the point, Donald Trump’s sentiments toward Tiffany are nothing short of disgusting. She’s not overweight, but so what if she were? What kind of shallow scumbag doesn’t want to be photographed with his daughter because of her physical appearance? Donald Trump is even more of a disgusting person than we imagined – and we already had him ranked as the most disgusting person on earth. This guy just keeps getting worse.

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