This is just getting weird

As Donald Trump continues to drag out his sore loser routine after his election loss, he’s getting in the way of other professional grifters like Mitch McConnell and Pat Robertson, who are now publicly telling him to get off the stage. Accordingly, Trump is now trying to turn Senate Republicans against McConnell. Meanwhile, Trump is now reduced to plotting with the few Republicans who still think they have something to gain by propping up the rotting corpse of his presidency.

Yesterday Trump met with a handful of House Republicans including Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz, who come from far right districts, and think they can score partisan points back home by conspiring with Trump. Let’s put this in context: a Republican President has now decided that his best course of action is to conspire with Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz while attacking Mitch McConnell. Does that sound like a winning strategy to you?


This just getting weird. Republicans with serious career ambitions no longer want anything to do with Donald Trump, because he’s become dead weight. So instead Trump is humiliating himself by conspiring with lightweights and punchlines who are willing to prop up his fantasy that he can somehow magically find a happy ending in all this. This is as seditious as it is pointless. It’s guaranteed to fail. And everyone involved knows that, except perhaps for Trump himself.

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