This is just falling apart for Donald Trump

It seems that among all the other things Donald Trump cannot get right, he is failing miserably at creating his own social media. Because he has been banned from virtually every social media site around, Trump decided to create his own. You can see him, sitting somewhere, gleefully rubbing his little hands together with his plot to overtake sites from which he was banned. He was likely planning to create the most “tremendously beautiful” social media site that would continue his “winning.” What a crock. Just like everything else associated with Trump, his social media site is becoming a joke.

Perhaps he messed up when he decided to call it “Truth Social.” Everyone knows that Trump knows nothing about the truth or little of anything else for that matter. It is always funny to see things blow up in the face of one with such an outsized ego, and Daily Beast seems to take more joy from that than anyone, calling Trump’s site “a hacker’s wet dream.” As Daily Beast outlines, this new site is a source of embarrassment, as it has been repeatedly hacked before it has even gone live. As is typical with Trump, he probably hired people who do not know what they’re doing. Daily Beast talked with experts who agree. Those experts believe that the “technical” people behind these types of apps lack critical skills, have no experience running social media, and are oblivious to the threats to these types of apps.

Eva Galperin is the director of cybersecurity at Electronic Frontier Foundation. She told Daily Beast that “ . . . sometimes that’s simply because they haven’t taken the most basic security precautions.” In essence, they are victims of their own incompetence. Other similar sites have suffered the same fate, including Parler and former Trump aide Jason Miller’s site Gettr. Miller’s site was hacked on its first day in operation. Trump, however, still has time to fix his site, as it will not formally launch until sometime in 2022, but Trump has other issues to deal with concerning the site.

Last week, it was discovered that the “Truth” app had violated the terms of use of the software it needs to operate. Talking Points Memo described Mastadon as “an open-source social networking software,” and it allows users to modify its source code if they comply with Mastadon’s license. Trump’s site failed to do so. What a surprise. Mastadon has issued a statement about the situation. In its statement, Mastadon said: “We prefer if people so antithetical to our values did not use and benefit from our labour,” but that is not their main problem with “Truth.” Trump is, as usual, failing to follow the rules. The company has issued a demand requesting compliance with the site’s rules or risk revocation.

Leave it to Trump to take advantage of someone else’s work to create his “social media” site and to not even follow the rules. Hopefully, he will fail to comply, and the site will go away. We certainly do not need another meeting space for domestic terrorists who support Trump.

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