This is just embarrassing for Newt Gingrich

Newt Gingrich has once again made a fool of himself. There are not too many folks lower in character and morality than Gingrich. I imagine that somewhere, somehow, he must have SOME good quality — some element of decency. I haven’t found it yet.

Gingrich was MAGA before MAGA even existed. There are few people I hate more, and now one can see the freak on late-night television, doing sleazy commercials to try to take more of the American people’s money.

Now Newt, in a desperate bid for relevancy, has declared Democrats will steal the Virginia Governor’s race “if it’s close.” I am so tired of this. While families are grieving loved ones lost to Covid, while we are hard at work trying to solve the nation’s problems, we have an eel-like this running around, spouting off on things he doesn’t understand, making up stories, and contributing absolutely nothing to society.


So, here is what we can do about Newt. First, if you are on Twitter — please let him know what a moron he is. Then let everyone else know. This man needs to retire. He has more than enough money, nobody cares what he has to say, and his whole character is built of lies and sleaze.

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