This is just embarrassing for Josh Hawley

Missouri Senator and insurrection enthusiast Josh Hawley is launching a podcast. The podcast is called “This is Living with Josh and Erin.” Oh yeah — his wife’s involved too. The goal of the podcast, according to Hawley, is to show “family values.” I am not making this up.

Per The Independent, the sad little podcast will attempt to show listeners how to live good lives. It will: “pull back the curtain” on how Hawley lives his life. I say, please let the curtain remain closed. This is not a podcast anybody needs. I doubt many will even tune in to hear what the political has-been has to say. I do have a few questions, though.

Mr. Hawley — I would like to know if you will be featuring your historic “fist pump from hell?” Will that be part of your living better lives topic?

Are you planning to feature scores of angry and red-faced Maga, fueled by rage and fox-death news disdain, beating police officers? Because this IS something, you showed support for.

Erin Hawley, the wife of the living nightmare that is Hawley, has declared the purpose of the podcast.

“Jesus tells his followers, those who come to him will have life and life abundantly, life to the fullest, so that’s really the idea we’re after.”

Well now. The Hawleys have Jesus on their side. Who’d have thunk it? I feel myself that Jesus would not support insurrections, but in the spirit of the Hawley brand, Jesus is what they’re going for.

The Hawleys were featured on Fox death-news, which is surely a wonderful platform for them. Ensconced in comfort, the Hawleys talked about their strong conservative values. Erin Hawley also praised her husband for “almost always able to be home for at least a late dinner.” Aw — the Brady Bunch.


I say, Joshua, Joshua, Joshua. This podcast is a fist full of nothing. I doubt many will tune in, but it WILL give Hawley something to talk about because he sure doesn’t seem to talk about the lives of his constituents much at all.

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