This is just embarrassing

We’re in the midst of a pandemic that’s getting worse by the day, as the death toll gets uglier than ever. We finally have a vaccine, and it’s being rolled out, but not as efficiently as it should be. We’re being attacked by cyber terrorists. We have an economy in tatters.

And where is the President of the United States? Absolutely nowhere he needs to be. His fragile ego and shattered narcissism have him sulking around, making scary threats he knows he can’t carry out, posting tweets so repetitive and boring that they’ve become the kind of train wreck you can look away from. Trump just tweeted that he’s better than Abraham Lincoln, to give you an idea of what you’re missing out on.

Last week I said that the United States has no President. That’s true. But this is also turning into something worse than that. If we had no President, and the Oval Office were occupied by a potted plant instead, at least the career professionals in the government would be free to go about their business. Instead we have a future prison inmate, frantically choking on his own downfall, still occupying the office of President and keeping the rest of the government from being able to function.

This is just embarrassing. Donald Trump is now a month away from no longer being our problem. In the meantime he’s intent on humiliating himself on a level arguably never before seen on the American stage. We’ve seen a lot of people take big falls, but has anyone ever chosen to go out in this embarrassing of a manner? It’s nothing short of pathetic.

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