This is just despicable

It is amazing how many crazies have found their way into our government. Forget political incorrectness, these people do things that are so outlandish that if they were private citizens, they would be arrested for making terroristic threats. Paul Gosar’s video portraying him murdering Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Joe Biden is completely inappropriate. This type of behavior is not tolerated in the private sector, yet some members of Congress find a way to defend it. There is no defense.

Washington Post reported that the House is preparing to censure Gosar. Prior to the vote, Gosar was allowed to speak, and he refused to apologize, claiming that the idea that his video was dangerous or threatening is a “false narrative.” So, into what category does Gosar think threatening to kill someone falls? Again, for the rest of us, we would be arrested on the spot. Why should he not be held to the same standard? Indeed, he should be held to a higher standard as a representative of the people. Instead of rebuking Gosar, Republicans want to hold censure over Democrats’ heads by saying: “Wait until we’re in power, and we will do the same to you.” How childish and stupid. They miss the point. If any Democrat behaves like Gosar, he or she deserves to be censured. This man is dangerous. He believes and spreads Internet conspiracies, and he supports the alt-right white nationalist group America First. He does not belong in public office.

Republicans are rallying around Gosar instead of condemning him. WaPo reported that Kevin McCarthy said he talked to Gosar, and he “made a statement that he doesn’t support violence, and he took the video down.” Apparently, at least in McCarthy’s eyes, that makes everything right. McCarthy further claims that Democrats make “rules for thee, but not for me.” Please, McCarthy, tell us which Democrats have instigated violence, and we will call them out. He cannot. Steve Scalise, the House Majority Whip, issued a statement telling Republicans to vote against the censure. Yet, as WaPo reported, they want to censure the 13 Republicans who voted in favor of Biden’s infrastructure bill. Heaven forbid a Republican wants to do something to help his or her constituents. This behavior speaks volumes about any hopes we may have of bringing this country back together. For Republicans, hate takes precedence over serving the people who voted them into office. They obviously cannot see any wrong in their behavior, which is just pathetic.


Republicans can try to downplay Gosar’s behavior all they like, but he is dangerous. Some people look up to politicians, especially members of the House, and he is putting very dangerous ideas in their heads. Nancy Pelosi said during the floor debate: “Disguising death threats against a member of Congress and a president of the United States in an animated video does not make those death threats any less real or serious.” Correct. Some nut will take the idea and run. We cannot afford to have people like Gosar in public office.

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