This is incredibly foolish for Donald Trump

Some time ago, I predicted in the Palmer Report that whatever way the Supreme Court ruled on DACA, it was liable to go poorly for Donald Trump. Even if they ruled in his favor, it was an issue with a lot of bipartisan support and could further unite Trump’s opposition, boosting their November turnout. Now that they’ve ruled against him, things are only getting worse. Since Trump made the mistake of making DACA’s repeal a part of his 2020 campaign, he’s given Joe Biden the perfect opportunity to come out swinging against him over it.

“President Trump will stop at nothing to push his anti-immigrant political agenda,” Biden said in a publicly released statement, “even at the expense of young people who have grown up in this country and are Americans through and through.”

Even though the Supreme Court ruled against him on dismantling the DACA program, Trump decided to do what he typically does: defy court orders and circumvent the process any way possible, using the Department of Homeland Security to do his bidding and announcing they will not accept new applicants to the program.

While Trump is clearly hoping to fire up the loudest racists in his base, nearly 80% of the country, including a majority of Republicans support letting Dreamers stay – many of whom are essential workers in medical professions, making Trump’s decision especially hazardous. It’s incredibly foolish for Trump to make any moves against it before the election, especially since Joe Biden has now fully committed to reinstating DACA if he is elected. It is yet another reason why we must show Donald Trump the door on November 3.

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