This is idiotic even for Donald Trump

Donald Trump likes to say that all the polls showing him trailing Joe Biden are fake – even when they come from Fox News, which used to be his favorite news network until he accused them of conspiring with the Democrats to sabotage him during an incoherent meltdown. Even before that, he thought it was a good idea to vindictively fire his own pollsters when they showed him losing rather than change his campaign strategy to one that moderates could get behind.

Instead, Donald Trump has decided to treat his campaign staffers the same way he’s treated his voters: make it clear that loyalty is worth more than dealing with reality. The problem is, it’s pretty hard to see the bright side for Trump’s re-election prospects and cherry pick polls that don’t show Trump being blown out of the water in all the places he needs to win. It’s gotten so bad that Jenna Ellis, his campaign’s senior legal advisor, thought it would be a good idea to go on OAN News – the only station that sucks up to Donald Trump even more than Fox News – and boast about Trump’s performance in Twitter polls.

Yes, she actually said that, and if the other question you had was wondering if these polls are scientific, the answer is no. They can be answered by anyone, and they’re about as reliable as a movie rating on IMDb. Yet somehow, Ellis is making the case that these polls answered by Trump’s swamp of trolls reveal the hidden voters that will magically win him re-election, even while Trump’s own tweets are regularly ratioed with unfavorable responses.

It’s an argument so idiotic that it would never see the light of day at a legitimate news outlet. The good news is that all of your efforts to defeat this criminal administration are working, and we need to keep them running scared until we vote them out on November 3.

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