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We grew numb to the hate and threat-filled rhetoric coming from the White House during the past four years. Now that the end of this behavior is in sight, it is even more egregious to hear this nonsense coming from the mouth of one who is supposed to be above this type of behavior. As an officer of the court, Joe diGenova should conduct himself in a manner consistent with the bar of which he is a member, but as one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, he instead reflects the sewer in which he dwells with his call to “draw, quarter, and shoot” former head of cybersecurity Christopher Krebs.

During his visit to NBC’s “Today” show, Krebs was asked about the threat made against him by diGenova. It is bad enough that Krebs was fired for telling the truth, but to threaten his life is over the top. Krebs called diGenova’s statement “more dangerous language, more dangerous behavior” and said that his “exceptional team of lawyers” is looking into diGenova’s behavior. As bullies often do, diGenova now claims his language was “satirical.” This is exactly the type of behavior we have all had to endure the past four years. Thankfully, it is coming to an end.

While Trump and his allies have continued to create controversy, President-elect Biden is working on creating a more positive outlook. He has named his economic team, which is as diverse as promised, and he recently revealed that he has assembled an entirely female communications team. CNN reported that President-elect Biden is already working on his first 100 days in office. His most urgent matters include containing coronavirus, an economic recovery package, and delving into racial injustice. Biden is focused on a broad economic package and executive orders, which do not require passage, but which will “advance his priorities,” according to CNN. According to sources with whom CNN spoke, Biden’s most urgent concern is coronavirus, which obviously makes sense. Until this virus is under control, bolstering the economy will be all but impossible. It is unfortunate that Trump allowed this virus to spread in the manner it has, but we at least have the right man for the job now who wants to tackle the problem head on.

Biden plans to make use of executive orders, if necessary, to get things done. CNN reported that his transition team has spent months prioritizing actions that Biden can begin to enact as soon as he steps in the White House. Just last week, Biden told NBC News that he wants to pass a stimulus package as quickly as possible. Biden’s package will target vulnerable communities and includes aid to state and local governments that have seen their resources depleted during the crisis. Biden said he wants to “focus on those folks, who are always, when crisis hits, the first ones hit—and recovery comes to last.”

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