This is coming at the worst possible time for Donald Trump

Despite Donald Trump doing a victory lap where he claimed “total exoneration” from the Russia probe over a year ago, we were quickly reminded that it wasn’t the case, despite Bill Barr’s best efforts to shield him from looking bad in an embarrassing summary of the Mueller Report.

In the time since then, a number of unsettling details began coming to light, as it became obvious that Rod Rosenstein was quietly undermining the investigation. Recently it was revealed that Robert Mueller left out some key details in his investigation and now, one of the lead prosecutors on his team has spoken out further – and at one of the worst possible times for Donald Trump and his administration.

Andrew Weissmann, who made an appearance on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Tuesday, was the former lead prosecutor in Mueller’s Russia probe and he confirmed the worst of what many of us have been suspecting all along. Early on in the investigation, when Mueller’s team issued a subpoena to Deutsche Bank for Donald Trump’s records, they received a call from the White House, intimidating them against looking into the president’s financial records. As soon as the story about Trump’s tax returns dropped, many of us suspected that there was something blatantly illegal that it was covering up.

Now, Weissmann admits publicly that he regrets not probing further, just after The New York Times released its story. This can’t be a coincidence, and we may be seeing more details about the investigation leak out sooner – with the possibility that Trump and his transition team could be investigated again on his ties to Russia, just before the election happens. Either way, the bombshells are happening at a faster rate than the Republicans are able to spin them. Even if many of Trump’s supporters don’t change their minds, they’ll probably have a hard time keeping up their defense of him – now and after the election. This is why it’s important to keep at our efforts of phone banking and volunteering to elect Joe Biden on November 3.

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