This is beyond absurd

It’s a sign of how far gone Donald Trump Jr. is that every time he posts a new video, the public ends up debating whether his deteriorating condition is due to a psychological breakdown or some kind of drug addiction. It’s beyond absurd that no one around him has gotten him any help, or least gotten him out of the public eye for his own good.

– Speaking of absurdities, how absurd is American politics? Imagine if every few years we put the arsonists in charge of the fire department, only to act surprised when they burn it all down. Then when we put the firefighters back in charge, we blame them for not cleaning up the arsonists’ mess fast enough.

– If the Sunday morning network TV shows are going to keep inviting republicans on the air to spew deranged conspiracy theories without pushing back against them, then these shows aren’t much different than Alex Jones. These hosts shouldn’t be let off the hook just because they let their guests spew the conspiracy theories.

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