This is backfiring on Donald Trump already

Donald Trump’s – or more accurately – Trump & Mitch McConnell’s attack on the U.S. Postal Service was always about creating the appearance that it was too dangerous to vote by mail, thus sabotaging the election to secure a second term and save as many Republican Senate seats as possible, but it’s already backfiring for him in significant ways.

In the six closest swing states that Trump barely won back in 2016, his attack is making front page news as the postal service has come out swinging against him. It’s now the top story for prominent newspapers in Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, where he’s behind in all of the polling averages. Aside from North Carolina where Trump is in the margin of error, he’s trailing by high single digits.

In Wisconsin, Biden is up seven points, something that might grow even more following the convention to be held in Milwaukee this coming week. The attack getting more media coverage makes it hard to carry out in secret, which is how Donald Trump successfully carries out his most draconian plots. Here he has to deal with unfavorable headlines in swing states – at least half of which he needs to win for his campaign to have any shot at re-election.


He’s done something even dumber though – since now Democrats up and down the ballot can ask why he’s denying people the medical supplies they rely on through mail, or why he’s denying seniors, many of whom vote Republican, the right to vote. However it plays out for them, the Republicans’ only message is to simply keep yelling about how Democrats want anarchy – and it doesn’t help that they aren’t exactly united behind Trump as he attacks voting by mail. As long as Democrats are united in their message and we bring out as many as we can to vote on November 3, we can win – and win big.

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