This is a ticking timebomb

Watching Donald Trump’s presidency crash and burn would be fun if we were not part of the collateral damage. His commercials are nothing more than his typical attempts at frightening people into voting for him rather than outlining solutions to the current problems plaguing our country. He has been adding to the problems by trying to silence Dr. Anthony Fauci and taking control of virus information from the CDC, which is extremely frightening. Most believe this move to be part and parcel of Trump’s self-imposed dictatorship and his continued attempts to downplay coronavirus numbers. Trump knows he is a horrible president and has always planned to lean on the strong economy (that he did not create) to stay in office, but the economy is a ticking time bomb. Since Trump is not a big thinker, how does he propose to fix the issue? To be sure, it will be to our detriment.

Trump’s belligerent push to reopen schools reveals just how little he is concerned about the American people. Coronavirus has not “magically disappeared” as Trump claimed it would. In fact, Science magazine reported that the virus has begun to mutate. Even though experts have not yet determined which direction the virus is mutating (good or bad), it is yet another big unknown from which people need to protect themselves. Yet Trump and the Republicans are more concerned with businesses, which is what is driving the push to reopen the economy.

According to Politico, the Trump camp sees the next six weeks as crucial, which is not a huge window of time. Trump, in desperation, wants to issue payroll tax cuts to encourage employers to hire during the pandemic, which many believe will negatively impact Social Security. This is no solution. It is like putting a band-aid on a bullet wound. Leave it to Donald Trump to come up with this type of “solution.”

Trump’s inability to come up with any long-term solutions is what will ultimately cost him the presidency. He has known about coronavirus since January, yet he kept it under wraps, hoping it would go away. When the virus failed to go away on its own, instead of working with scientists, medical professionals, and governors across the nation, Trump chose to fight everyone. He has no one to blame but himself for his 35% approval rating. Indeed, nothing is going Trump’s way right now. The Hill reported that the Pentagon has banned the confederate flag, and the Supreme Court has agreed to expedite its order releasing Trump’s tax returns.

Pouring salt in Trump’s very visible wounds, the New York Times has reported that even if the polls are way off, Trump is in serious trouble. According to the Times, if the election were held today, Biden would thrash Trump, even if the numbers are as off as they were in 2016. As reported by U.S. World & News Report, Trump trails Biden by the “widest national polling gap in decades.” There is a whole lot of damage that Trump can do in the next three months. Hold on to your hope and vote.

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