This is a game changer

Timing is a funny thing. When Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski called for Donald Trump’s resignation today and threatened to leave the Republican Party over him, we were all instinctively expecting Trump to fire back at her on Twitter. Murkowski surely knew it was coming, and didn’t care.

But then the bombshell dropped last night, squarely on Donald Trump’s head. After he was temporarily suspended from Twitter but then misbehaved again after getting his account back, Trump got banned from Twitter entirely – permanently. There are a lot of implications here. One of them is that he never got a chance to fire back at Murkowski. And now he’ll never get to tweet mean retaliatory things about another politician again.

This means that if some Republican Senator wants to unload on Donald Trump going forward, there will be no easy or immediate way for Trump to fire back in retaliation. If Trump can’t harm them in this way, it should make it easier for Republicans to attack Trump whenever they want. Even if some of them only do it for self-serving or backside-covering reasons, the path still just got a lot easier for them.

This is a potential game changer. Any Republican coward who’s spent four years wanting to lash out at Trump, but has been too fearful of retaliation, now gets to take free pot shots at Trump. Let the games begin, if any of these cowards want to play.

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