This is a dumpster fire for Mark Meadows

Mark Meadows is already struggling to walk a tightrope of giving the January 6th Committee sufficient enough cooperation to save himself from being indicted for contempt, without making it easier for the Fulton County Georgia District Attorney to indict him for election tampering. Now Meadows is trying to walk an even more perilous tightrope when it comes to his new book, and he’s already falling off.

Earlier this week we all learned that in Meadows’ upcoming book, he reveals that Donald Trump secretly tested positive for COVID just a few days before a 2020 debate with Joe Biden, and participated anyway after a different kind of COVID test came up negative. Trump responded by calling this “fake news.” Meadows then appeared on a right wing propaganda channel and appeared to agree with Trump that his own book was “fake news.” Then it got worse.

Meadows appeared on a right wing radio show to try to promote his book, only to be ambushed with conspiracy theories about himself and China. This book tour is rapidly turning into a dumpster fire for Meadows. That’s not shocking, given that he can’t seem to make up his mind whether his book is supposed to appeal to far right pro-Trump loons, or those who want anti-Trump dirt.


In any case, the disastrous book tour is probably the least of Mark Meadows’ problems right now. We predicted that Meadows might end up having to plead the fifth in response to certain questions from the January 6th Committee, which would only serve to make himself and Donald Trump look very guilty in the court of public opinion (even though it doesn’t work that way in the court of law). Now Jeffrey Clark is reportedly preparing to plead the fifth, so we’re probably right to expect that Meadows will end up having to do the same. Pretty soon Meadows is going to wish he was still out on a horrible book tour.

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