This is a distraction we don’t need

Do we care if Joe Biden has a Rolex? A Peloton? Do we care? The Previous Occupant had a $50,000 golf simulator installed in the White House… who paid for that? Did anyone have a fit about that?

Does it matter if the President has a Rolex or Timex? Doesn’t it matter more that he tells the truth, and that his Press Secretary is having successful press briefings daily? Doesn’t it matter even more that Dr Fauci feels free to speak the truth?

This is just a disingenuous a flap, oh what the hell, let’s call it what it is – “distraction” – that a “men’s style” writer at the NY Times is using to justify his existence. And it is just as disingenuous as the flap over Bernie Sanders purchasing a vacation home. These folks are allowed to have, as they say, “nice things”.

What is important here is what Biden is getting done. Today. Day 4. Let’s contemplate for a minute what The Previous Occupant cost US in 4 year’s time… and what he will continue to cost us. Biden’s watch didn’t cost us anything.

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