This idiot is at it again today

Yesterday, Donald Trump began the day by attacking respected actress and activist Debra Messing and ended the day by promoting racist lunatic Lou Dobbs. Somewhere in between he announced that Hurricane Dorian was going to hit a state that doesn’t even border the Atlantic Ocean, while insisting he didn’t know Category 5 hurricanes existed (several of them have hit the U.S. since he took office).

Today being a holiday, most Americans were holding their breath and hoping that Donald Trump would just shut up. But that would be too much to ask for, of course. Trump did spend today on the golf course, according to CNN. But he also spent the day running his mouth like the idiot that he is. At one point he attacked the leader of a major labor union on Labor Day. At another point Trump posted a seven paragraph “proclamation on Labor Day” that was really just him bragging about his imaginary accomplishments.

Trump also attacked a respected economist for accurately pointing out that Trump’s trade war is a failure. Trump also made a point of attacking the U.S. intelligence community, because hey, why not?


Meanwhile back in the non-psychotic world, Americans in several states are preparing for the impact of a major hurricane that’s already devastated the Bahamas. Americans are very likely about to die in this storm – and as per usual – Donald Trump is trying to make it all about himself, as his increasingly delusional haze causes his erratic behavior to become even worse.

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