This idiot has no idea what he’s even trying to say anymore

Donald Trump keeps getting more histrionic with his rhetoric. The bad news for him: what he’s saying isn’t managing to sway any voters, as his poll numbers keep getting uglier. The worse news for him: what he’s saying isn’t even coherent anymore.

For instance, Trump tweeted this desperate attempt at convincing the general public that when he loses, it’ll only be because the election was rigged against him:



For starters, that’s not even how you spell Paterson, New Jersey. Donald Trump’s illiteracy is the least of his problems, but if the “President” of the United States is going to quote an American city as part of his argument, he should at least look up how it’s spelled first. Also, he’s just flat out making up that nonsense about 20% of vote having been corrupted; no one even knows what the idiot is talking about.

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