This guy is a national disaster

“President” Donald Trump and his band of robbin’ hoods are at it again. Puerto Rico, Louisiana, Florida and other parts of the nation better hope no hurricanes do significant damage this hurricane season, because Trump is taking money from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to support his efforts on the border.

The Trump administration reportedly will transfer money from the Department of Homeland Security to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to the tune of $200 million. $155 million will be diverted from the FEMA disaster relief fund. Some have asserted that immigration is an emergency and so FEMA money can be used. That is not true, but more importantly, disaster relief funds are intended to help those who have been subjected to natural disasters, not the person in the White House who proves each day that he is a national disaster. A good example would be the wildfires that took place in California, or the damage that Tropical Storm Dorian and subsequent storms might do to Puerto Rico or other parts of our nation.

The $155 million will be used for courts to hear and decide the asylum-seekers’ cases. These are the folks whom Trump forced to remain in Mexico pending asylum. In addition to the $155 million, DHS is transferring additional monies in the range of $116 million from other components to pay for the beds and transportation costs.

Every day, while the great illusionist and national disaster diverts our attention to the stupidity of the day, he and his team are dismantling this nation and its ability to withstand a calamity, all to address an issue that is by no means an emergency, at least not a natural one.

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