This doesn’t add up at all

This week the Trump White House send briefers to Congress with so little information about why Iranian leader Soleimani was assassinated, even Republican Senator Mike Lee openly attacked Trump for it. Mike Pence then tried asserting that the details couldn’t be given to Congress, because they’re too sensitive.

Then Donald Trump started insisting that it was because Soleimani was about to carry out an imminent attack on a U.S. embassy or embassies. This wouldn’t be the first time in which Trump has blurted out classified intel. It also wouldn’t be the first time in which Trump simply made up something like this out of thin air.

We don’t have any way of knowing what the truth is, but something clearly doesn’t add up here. If the U.S. had intel that Soleimani was planning an imminent embassy attack, it could have at least included the basics of that intel in the congressional briefing, without giving away every last sensitive detail. Yet Trump sounds like he’s repeating something that his handlers told him.

Yesterday, multiple media outlets reported that it was Mike Pompeo who pushed Donald Trump into giving the order to take out Soleimani. Did Pompeo pull this off by feeding Trump a fake story about how Soleimani was about to blow up a U.S. embassy? Is this why the Trump regime couldn’t give Congress anything during the briefing? Something doesn’t add up here – and this could turn out to be yet another huge Trump scandal.

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