This can’t be real

Yesterday someone turned Donald Trump’s idiotic border wall fantasy into a complete punchline by posting a crude rendering of the “wall” that was basically just a bunch of metal poles that looked like something Eric Trump would have made when he was in Kindergarten. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, the person who posted the laughable wall mock-up was Donald Trump.

We double-checked ten or eleven times before we were finally ready to believe that the tweet actually came from Donald Trump’s real account, and not from some parody account pretending to be him. This can’t be real, we thought – and yet it was. This wasn’t a wall; it was just a bunch of fence posts with no fence.

If this was drawn to scale then the gaps between the poles would be around eighteen inches, large enough for most people to slip through. And, in a laugh out loud moment, the zoom-in on the spikes at the top of the poles doesn’t even come close to matching what the spikes look like to begin with. Look at this mess:

Seriously, that was just posted by the “President” of the United States, as if it were a serious proposal, while he was demanding five billion dollars for it, even as he was in the midst of shutting down the government because no one liked the idea. That’s before even getting to the part where Trump’s “wall” looks a lot like prison bars once you put him behind them:

Also, how easy would it be for someone to get creative and find a way to go over top of the wall / fence / monstrosity? For instance, here’s Mario from Super Mario Brothers simply jumping over it:

Sure, these mock-ups of ours look terrible, but not nearly as bad as the original, and it was posted by the President of the United States. Then again, he may not have that job much longer anyway. At the rate he’s going, the only steel slats he’ll end up seeing are indeed prison bars.