This Bill Barr John Durham Special Counsel thing is a red herring

Attorney General Bill Barr announced today that he’s found no evidence of voter fraud that would have changed the outcome of the election. In other words, Barr is saying that Donald Trump lost fair and square, and it’s over. But Barr also made another announcement.

Barr revealed today that he’s appointed John Durham as Special Counsel, meaning Durham is free to continue investigating the origins of the Trump-Russia scandal for as long as he likes. This has scared some people. But it’s actually a complete non-issue.

Durham has already made clear that he found nothing of any substance. He’s not going to magically find anything now, just because he has a different title. This is just Barr trying to placate Trump by giving Trump the false hope that those who uncovered the Trump-Russia scandal will eventually be punished by Durham, even after Trump is gone.

But again, Durham won’t do any such thing, because he’s already made clear that his investigation is basically over. This is just Barr trying to avoid getting fired by Trump today, after publicly admitting that Trump lost the election. Some TV pundits are already using this development to try to scare us into staying tuned in, but it’s a non-story.

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