Robert Mueller’s mystery third investigation involving Michael Flynn

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s sentencing memo tonight reveals that Michael Flynn has been a tremendously valuable cooperating witness, to the point that Mueller is recommending that the judge give him a free pass. The memo is heavily redacted, but it reveals that Flynn’s cooperation is crucial to three distinct investigations.

The first investigation is, rather clearly, the investigation into the Trump-Russia conspiracy. The second is harder to parse, but we suspect it’s also related to Donald Trump. Then there’s the third investigation, which is so blacked out in the memo, it could be anything. That’s set off quite a bit of speculation, from pundits and social media observers, as to the nature of the mystery third investigation. There are at least a few different possibilities.

1) Michael Flynn was conspiring with the Russian Ambassador during the transition period. Mike Pence was the head of the transition team. There is every reason to believe Pence knew what Flynn was doing at the time, which would make him a criminal co-conspirator.

2) Michael Flynn has been accused of having conspired with the government of Turkey to kidnap and deport a Turkish political dissident who lives in Pennsylvania. We long ago learned that Flynn tried to involve former Trump adviser James Woolsey in the plot, and Woolsey was the one who reported it to the U.S. government. It’s unclear if any big fish in the Trump regime were also involved.

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