Third key Donald Trump official has decided to resign in wake of Michael Cohen plea deal

There goes another one. Last night we learned that Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her deputy Raj Shah are both preparing to resign from Donald Trump’s White House. Today we can add yet another key Trump administration official to the list of those heading for the exit, and this time around, the official in question is flat out admitting that he’s leaving because the administration is sinking.

Believe it or not, Donald Trump’s White House has a legislative liaison with Congress. You’d think that position didn’t exist, considering how little legislation the Trump administration has even tried to get through Congress, instead preferring to do everything through largely unconstitutional executive orders. But there is a such a guy in the White House, and his name is Marc Short. Now it turns out his time is short.

Marc Short is the White House creep who conspired with the most corrupt of Republicans in the House and Senate to pass the tax scam for the wealthy, as well as a few other pieces of harmful legislation. But now Short preparing to resign. According to the Wall Street Journal, he’s citing “diminishing returns” when it comes to trying to get anything done. In other words, he knows Trump’s presidency is toast, and he’s leaving because he’s not holding out any hope of things turning around. The timing here is what’s crucial.

Yesterday morning ABC News reported that Donald Trump’s longtime fixer Michael Cohen was working toward a plea deal. In the day and a half since that news broke, three of Trump’s top White House officials have suddenly decided to end their tenures. This isn’t mere coincidence. Trump’s own people have concluded that Cohen’s deal will be Trump’s undoing, and now they’re bailing on a ship that they know is going to sink to the bottom.

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