Things just got even uglier for Donald Trump’s stooge Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty University

Even before Jerry Falwell Jr.’s revealing Instagram photo and his bizarre effort of an apology, he was always a massive embarrassment of a human being – one of Donald Trump’s unfailingly loyal surrogates from the time of the 2016 election. Now, however, he may have problems beyond a social media post with his fly open. One of his staunch former allies and fellow Trump supporter, Rep. Mark Walker of North Carolina, has called on Falwell to step down from his position as president of Liberty University.

“As a Music Faculty Advisory Board Member and former instructor @LibertyU, I’m convinced Falwell should step down,” Walker announced on Twitter, going on to say that the school’s students and faculty deserve better.

Typically, people like Walker usually don’t go after one of their own in a position of power unless of course, it’s safe to do so. It’s also hard to believe that he’s calling on his resignation just over a photo that’s blown up on social media, especially when he’s been willing to overlook worse from Donald Trump over the last five years.

First of all, Walker is right to say that the school is poorly served by Falwell – for a whole host of other reasons he would rather not get into: from his decision to suddenly re-open Liberty University in the middle of the pandemic after spring break and put everyone at risk before the school was forced to shut down again, to his blatant racism against the Black Lives Matter movement, which cost the school two of its best athletes who decided to transfer.

Going after Falwell was never a moral decision for Walker, but based on how much of a liability he would become. Now the only question is whether Falwell can count on Donald Trump to stick up for him, but considering Trump doesn’t have a whole lot to gain from doing that, it’s not very likely to happen. And now Liberty has forced Falwell to take a leave of absence.

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