“Things are going downhill fast”

Donald Trump keeps trying to convince us that, despite looking and sounding ill, he’s somehow magically cured of coronavirus. He’s not exactly making a convincing case, whether it be his coughing and wheezing call-in to the Hannity show last night, or the apparent green screen video aimed at creating the illusion he was well enough to venture outside.

Trump has insisted that he was going to somehow hold a campaign rally this weekend, despite being so ill that he’s still hopped up on dexamethasone steroids, and still obviously contagious. After Trump’s disastrous Hannity call-in, Trump’s campaign now seems to be tacitly admitting that Trump is merely fantasizing about being well. Now he’s talking about merely doing an event at the White House tomorrow instead.

Former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner put it this way on Twitter: “WH Deputy Press Secretary Brian Morgenstern just told Hallie Jackson a bunch of things that make it seem like they are signaling Trump will not be traveling, will not be holding rallies, etc. Coupled with others data points, it looks like things are going downhill fast.”

Kirschner is right. Donald Trump is doing everything he can to sell us on the notion that he’s recovered – and maybe he’s trying to convince himself as well. But he’s still sick, still weak, and seems to be merely wishing out loud that he were well enough to get back in the field. Trump did this to himself.

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