They’re just not that into him

Donald Trump continues to prove that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer by backtracking on positions that he should never have held in the first place. It’s finally dawned on Trump that his attempts to ignore coronavirus have detrimentally impacted his reelection bid. This “about face” is merely another of Trump’s many phony personas. He still does not give a damn about the American people and how we are impacted by coronavirus; he is merely concerned about being reelected.

According to CNN, team Trump met prior to his most recent briefing, where his poll numbers were discussed. Those polls, of course, show Trump falling farther behind Biden. Trump’s aides, who, according to earlier reports, wanted him to take on a more presidential tone, used that discussion to their advantage. Trump came across as more serious about coronavirus for the first time, though he could not help showing his racism by repeatedly referring to coronavirus as “China flu.” Considering Trump’s usual off-putting behavior, Trump’s aides saw his “speech” as a victory. That victory would be short-lived.

Even as Trump pretended to care enough to want to help with coronavirus, he was turning loose federal officers on protestors in Portland. According to the New Yorker, these officers were members of Homeland Security, decked out in camouflage gear and armed with tear gas and rubber bullets. Portland authorities declared that they wanted no part of Trump’s “authoritarian government.” The Pentagon even voiced its dissatisfaction with the use of military attire to trick people into thinking the military had been unleashed on the public, all to wage war against American citizens who want to exercise their right to free speech and peaceful assembly. As little as this man cares for the American people and our rights, he has the nerve to seek reelection. Why? Does he genuinely think the United States will be better if it mirrors Russia or China? Is his goal to become a dictator? It is difficult to figure out exactly what Trump hopes to accomplish, but you can guarantee it will not involve anything good for any of us. That is why Republicans are running from him in droves. Even one of his biggest donors has run for the hills.

Business Insider reported that billionaire Robert Mercer, who was at the heart of Trump’s 2016 campaign, is sitting out 2020. According to BI, the Mercer family put eight figures into a super PAC to benefit Trump last time around and used their analytical company, Cambridge Analytica, to benefit Trump. Now, however, the Mercers have moved on to something else, and it will not include helping Trump win a second term. This news must be devastating to Trump, especially since his numbers continue to tumble at a rapid rate. Trump’s allies are already making excuses and claiming that others “may” come to the rescue, but so far, none of those have panned out. Maybe, like the rest of us, they are just not that into you, Trump.

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