They were never going to get away with this

– The republicans were only going to get away with this election rigging stuff if Trump won. And since Trump was never going to win, what were they thinking? Now that Trump has lost, it’s not surprising it’s unraveling like this, with Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger exposing Lindsey Graham’s cheating efforts. Plenty more to come, I suspect.

– Lindsey Graham could end up facing an impossible choice: 1) Have Trump preemptively pardon him for felony election tampering, which would keep him out of prison but could derail his Senate career. 2) Skip the pardon and take his chances with the criminal justice system after Trump is gone. Good luck, Lindsey!

– Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds is the latest Republican Governor to announce a mask mandate, after North Dakota and Utah did the same over the past week. They deserve no points for this, as they waited far too long. But it’s clear that they’re now moving on from Trump’s wishes on the matter – a reminder that his influence over the GOP is quietly and slowly but surely waning as we speak.

– Trump supporters are now promoting a rally in “Georiga.” No really, this is real. I can’t wait to find out where they think that is.

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