These Republicans are running scared

Fear can destroy people. Fear is a pulsating and dangerous cocktail that few people want to drink. It is one of the worst emotions one can experience. What would fear look like if it had human form? I imagine it would look very much like Kevin McCarthy, Marco Rubio, JD Vance, Lindsey Graham, and countless other members of the insurrection party.

It would also look a great deal like the Cobb County Republican Party. As we all remember January 6th, the Cobb County Georgia GOP has canceled an event. This event was a prayer vigil — a remembrance of sorts — for the evils of January 6th.

Only they were not remembering the brave Police Officers who fought for this great country. Nor were they observing the seriousness of the day in general. No — see, their vigil was to be a bit different in nature. The vigil planned was for the insurrectionists themselves. The Republicans wanted to honor what Cobb GOP chair Salleigh Grubs called those who suffered “a miscarriage of justice.”

Only something happened to change their minds. Because now the event has been mysteriously canceled. Perhaps AG Garland put the fear of God into the Cobb County GOP? The event, which was to be two hours in length, was also receiving terrible backlash. So perhaps this is the reason the event was canceled.

It doesn’t really matter why. The point is this: Donald Trump canceled his press conference. The prayer vigil in Georgia was canceled. It all goes back to fear. They’re scared. And they’re showing it. The Republicans are RUNNING scared.


Perhaps, after all, some of them have realized running on fondness for insurrections would be a bit of a challenging way to run. So we must use this and keep them on defense. And we must let the world know how deeply Un-American the GOP is.

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