These pro-Trump terrorists who invaded the Capitol had inside help

We all knew Donald Trump’s goons would gather outside the Capitol. But it was reasonable for us all to expect that they’d be kept outside, and that if anything, they’d skirmish with law enforcement before getting arrested. After all, Trump’s goons are clueless disorganized idiots.

These idiots clearly had inside help, and that’s the only reason they got in and any of this happened. Identifying the inside help is absolutely crucial. This isn’t merely some theory. It’s been widely documented by the mainstream media that the Capitol Police removed barriers for the marauders, gave them directions to certain offices, took selfies with them, and ultimately gave them an escort out of the building instead of arresting them.

The only way any of that happened was if certain Capitol Police were plotting with the invaders in advance, or if they were instructed by a higher-up to cooperate with the invaders. The good news is that with an operation this sloppy, and involving this many co-conspirators, and so many of them now having been arrested by the Feds, some of these in-over-their-heads idiots will soon start squawking about why they got the white glove treatment that they did.

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